TV News Ignores Economists in Stimulus Debate

Only 5% of Guests Invited onto Major Television News Shows to Talk About the Stimulus were Economists

With the debate over the economic stimulus package in Congress, you would think that economists would be in high demand by television stations seeking to explain a complex piece of legislation to the public.

However, a new study by Media Matters finds that economists made up only 5% of guests invited to talk about the stimulus bill were economists.

The study looked at the Sunday political talk shows and twelve prominent cable news programs. Media Matters found that these shows aired 139 and a half hours of programming focusing on the economic recovery program, with 460 guest appearances. Of those 460 guests, only 25 were economists.

Instead of focusing on what economists have to say either in favor or against the plan, Media Matters says that television news has favored conservative commentators and politicians denouncing the plan.

Author: mediamouse

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