$254 Million in “Shovel Ready” Projects in Grand Rapids

Stimulus Watch Reports $254 Million in 'Shovel Ready' Projects in Grand Rapids for Stimulus Funding

A new website–Stimulus Watch–says that Grand Rapids has approximately $254 million in “shovel ready” projects that could be funded as part of the economic stimulus bill being debated in the federal legislature.

The website arrives at its totals by analyzing data prepared by the US Conference of Mayors. That organization had compiled a list of projects that could be immediately funded by the federal government and even took the step of publishing the list online. However, Stimulus Watch expands on that model by adding interactive features–a wiki for information about the projects and a ranking tool–to further increase transparency.

Possible Projects for Grand Rapids

The site documents $254.4 million in projects for Grand Rapids. These include things like:

  • $22.5 million for resurfacing streets
  • $15 million for increasing the size of Millennium Park
  • $14.7 million to renovate City-High Middle School
  • $13.5 million to renovate Congress elementary school
  • $12 million for parking lot construction
  • $11.8 million for street reconstruction

Along with the dollar estimates, there also estimates as too how many jobs could be created by funding these projects

A Word of Caution

As we have pointed out before, the stimulus package is far from perfect, but it does offer the possibility of funding some worthwhile projects. However, you have to question the wisdom of spending $12 million on parking lots when “green jobs” and “green” everything are being touted by the officials at the federal, state, and local levels.


Author: mediamouse

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