Michigan Clean Energy Now Praises EPA Ruling on South Dakota Coal Plant

EPA Rejects South Dakota Coal Plant Permit, Michigan Groups Happy

Michigan Clean Energy Now is praising the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent decision to reject a South Dakota coal plant because it failed to address pollution and global warming.

In a statement, the organization wrote:

“The EPA last week overturned South Dakota’s approval of the massive Big Stone II coal-fired power plant. The EPA’s objections focus on the state’s failure to require state-of-the-art pollution controls and failure to respond to concerns about global warming pollution.

As the first major move on a coal plant permit by the EPA since President Barack Obama took office, this decision is a clear signal that the dozens of other coal plant proposals in the permitting processes are facing steep headwinds as well – including the four in Michigan that have already begun the permitting process.”

Clean Energy Now says that the rejection of the plant is a promise sign and it is urging the State of Michigan to consider the decision and reject air permits for coal plants proposed for Michigan.

Michigan currently leads the nation in proposals for new coal plants, with seven plants proposed for the state.

Author: mediamouse

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