Report: Almost 4,000 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan Last Year; 680 by US

Nearly 4,000 Civilians Were Killed In Afghanistan in 2008

A Kabul-based group called the Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM) has released a new study that tallies civilian casualties in Afghanistan over the past year.

The study–which has a higher tally than other recent studies and was based on information from locals and elected officials–found that 3,917 civilians were killed in insurgency-linked violence in Afghanistan last year.


  • 6,800 were wounded and 120,000 were forced from their homes
  • 2,300 were killed in insurgent attacks
  • 1,100 were killed in military operations by foreign forces
  • 680 were killed in air strikes by US-led forces
  • 520 were killed by Afghan forces

The group has accused all sides of “repeated and systematic” violations of international law, the Geneva Conventions, and Afghanistan’s laws governing warfare.

The United Nations previously estimated civilian casualties in Afghanistan at 2,000 last year. Another organization–the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission estimated casualties at 1,800.

However, the Afghanistan Rights Monitor claims that its tally is more accurate because the UN has limited access to portions of the country because of the security situation.

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