New Effort Launched to Oppose Afghanistan War

Progressive Bloggers Opposing the Afghanistan War

Over the past seven years, the occupation of Afghanistan has received scant attention in both the corporate media and among progressives. During the recent presidential election, Afghanistan was a non-issue, with both major party candidates agreeing that the United States needs to send more troops to Iraq.

Earlier this week, when news broke that Obama intends to sign-off on a plan to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, much of the progressive and liberal establishment–as well as the somewhat more independent national anti-war movement–said nothing.

However, in a refreshing development, a group of progressive bloggers opposed to the military escalation of the Afghanistan War has launched an effort called “Get Afghanistan Right” that aims to increase discussion about “the dangers of escalation, the current situation in Afghanistan and South Asia, the effects of the war at home, and potential solutions.” Robert Greenwald writes:

“With the economy continuing a severe decline and the international scene in turmoil, we absolutely cannot afford a hugely expensive troop increase in Afghanistan. The country desperately needs many of the reforms and programs proposed by the incoming Obama administration. But, an escalation in Afghanistan will cripple our ability to mitigate the effects of the recession while making that country less stable. The success of the President-elect’s broader agenda depends on his ability to get us out of President Bush’s wars”

The effort was initiated by writers and bloggers including Brave New Films’ Robert Greenwald, Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation, Alex Thurston and Jason Rosenbaum of The Seminal, and Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny. Throughout the week, the group will publicize stories critical of the war in Afghanistan on

Tomorrow as part of the campaign, will be blogging about the occupation of Afghanistan.

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