Top Stories of 2008

Here’s a brief list of some our favorite stories that appeared on during 2008.


We’re not so big on end-of-the-year wrap-ups, hence the reason why our 2008 “top stories” list is just now being posted. However, we did one last year and already did a round-up of our favorite books of 2008, so it seems only appropriate to get this post done.

Compiling the list also offers some time for reflection on what has done over the past year. Like many progressive, left, or liberal news sources, we probably focused a bit too much on the 2008 elections. However, unlike many of those outlets, we focused most of our “Election Watch” coverage on dealing with systemic issues such as ballot access, voting problems, and substantive differences between the candidates. Unlike so many of our peers, we didn’t fall lockstep behind the Democratic candidates and I’d argue we’re in a better place because of it. With the inevitable disappointments that followed Obama’s election–see his right-leaning cabinet choices for example–we’re in a better position to hold Obama accountable.

Our traffic–as it has every year’s existence–also increased.

Anyway, here’s the list of some of our favorite stories. As always, the list could be considerably longer, but this seems like a manageable length.

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