West Michigan Legislators Among the Most Conservative in State House

A new ranking by MIRS places several West Michigan legislators among the most conservative in the state. It’s not surprising to see that Grandville Representative Dave Agema is on the list, but readers might be more surprised to see that Grand Rapids’ Robert Dean was the most conservative Democrat in the House.


The Lansing-based news agency MIRS recently compiled annual rankings of the conservative legislators in Michigan’s House of Representatives. Not surprisingly, West Michigan is home to several of them. Grandville Representative Dave Agema, Arlan Meekhof of West Olive, and Bill Huizenga of Zeeland all made the list. MediaMouse.org readers will likely recall Agema for his missing critical votes for an exotic sheep hunting trip, repeated legislative attacks on undocumented immigrants, his desire to cut state aid to GVSU over domestic partner benefits, his work to end tuition assistance to Native Americans, his support fo arming teachers, and his support for the death penalty in Michigan. We haven’t really covered either Meekhof or Huizenga, with the exception being Meekhof’s desire to allow citizens to carry Tasers.

Democratic Party Representative Robert Dean of Grand Rapids had the most conservative voting record among Democrats.

Author: mediamouse

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