WOOD TV 8 Offers Buy-Outs to Longtime Employees

On the heels of news that WOOD TV 8 was not renewing the contract of longtime anchor Larry Neinhaus, The Michigan Messenger is reporting that the station offered buy-outs to 27 longtime employees and is seeking to eliminate 15 positions.



According to an article on The Michigan Messenger, WOOD TV 8 is seeking to eliminate 15 positions through buy-outs.

The article–which cites an anonymous staffer–reports that 27 people who have worked at the station for more than 20 years were offered buy-outs. The station is reportedly seeking to eliminate 15 positions and will do layoffs if the buy-outs do not work. WOOD TV 8 did not return The Michigan Messenger’s call and the station’s parent company LIN TV would not comment on the matter.

A few weeks ago WOOD TV 8 let longtime news anchor Larry Nienhaus go citing “the extremely challenging economic conditions in which the nation finds itself.”

Author: mediamouse

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