Documentary Explores Resistance to Sulfide Mining in the UP

A new documentary–viewable online–takes a look at the opposition to a proposed sulfide mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Critics warn that the mine could lead to irreparable harm to Michigan’s water.



Over the past two years, has been consistently impressed by the organizing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula against a proposed sulfide mine. We’ve covered the issue, becoming one of the few down state sources that have bothered to cover the mine.

That’s why we were excited to hear that a new documentary called “Mining Madness, Water Wars: The Great Lakes in the Balance” has been released to tell the story of resistance to the mine. The documentary looks at the likely consequences of the mine–pollution and the destruction of a watershed–and those that have stood up to stop the mine. This includes environmental activists, the indigenous community, ordinary citizens, sportsmen, and others who are concerned about the mine. Along the way, they have been met by an unresponsive state government.

The documentary is viewable below, but we strongly encourage people to order a copy and use it to educate their friends, families, and communities about the dangers of sulfide mining:

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