Ehlers Leaves House Administration Committee

Republican Representative Vern Ehlers is leaving his position as ranking member on the House Administration Committee. Ehlers served on the Committee for 14 years and is now reportedly seeking to work on other issues such as No Child Left Behind.



West Michigan Representative Vern Ehlers is stepping down from his 14-year position on the House Administration Committee.

According to an article in The Hill, Ehlers is leaving the Committee that oversees the inner workings of the House. Ehlers’ staff cited his membership in three other committees and six subcommittees as the reason for his decision.

Ehlers reportedly also wants to work on other issues over the next two years. He is hoping to work through the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to shape portions of the economic stimulus package pertaining to road and bridge construction and repair. He is further hoping to increase Michigan’s share of the federal gas tax. Ehlers also wants to work to reshape No Child Left Behind through the Education and Labor Committee.

No replacement has been selected for Ehlers.

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