Study Documents Systematic Failures of the Government

A new study from the Center for Public Integrity has uncovered 125 systematic failings of the federal government, many of which are the result of widespread problems such as government appointees being chosen for ideology over competence and the suppression of information that goes against the Bush administration’s philosophy.



A nonpartisan research group has released a new study that documents 125 systematic failures of the federal government under the administration of President George W. Bush.

The study–dubbed the “Broken Government” project and conducted by the Center for Public Integrity–is a comprehensive assessment of executive failures across a wide range of areas from education to veterans affairs. Each of the failures are examined to track their causes, effects, and implications.

Many of the failures highlight common themes such as agency appointees being selected on the basis of ideology and loyalty, agency heads that suppressed reports that went against the administration’s philosophy, agency-industry collaboration, failure to exercise oversight, and an agenda that advocates deregulation and privatization.

A sample of forty of the failings:

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  1. Do not EVER trust the Bobby Sturgell-led FAA to tell the truth. Some Americans once trusted failed FAA Acting Administrator “Bobby” Sturgell to act like he was a regulator and prevent Americans from flying in cracked, dangerous planes. Then, after many months of FAA intimidation seeking to silence those desirous of telling the truth, the ram broke the dam. Whistle-blower courage and Congressional and FBI probe forced “Bobby” Sturgell and his FAA to admit that their malfeasance allowed hundreds of thousands and perhaps even millions of passengers to fly in cracked and defective Southwest and other aircraft. Bobby Sturgell’s defense, was denial – he continued to self-tout that he led the “Safest Period In Aviation History”. Yet approximately 3,500 souls and climbing have died on “Bobby” Sturgell’s own FAA “watch”. The NTSB statistics are here:

    Trust “Bobby” Sturgell just as much as you ever trusted Baghdad Bob, Chemical Ali, and Saddam Hussein. The men are each other’s moral equivalent. Bobby Sturgell has the same credibility as Baghdad Bob, the same respect for the sanctity of human life as Chemical Ali, and the same political future as Saddam Hussein. And now, each have been thankfully kicked to their governments’ respective curbs. I call THAT justice.

    John J. Tormey III, Esq.

    Quiet Rockland

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