KKK Member Elected as Republican Precinct Delegate Removed

Randy Gray–a member of the Ku Klux Klan who has been actively involved with the group in Michigan for several years–has been removed following his election as a Precinct Delegate in August. The Midland County GOP issued a statement saying that Gray’s views were out-of-touch with the Party’s values.


Randy Gray–a Ku Klux Klan member who was elected as a Republican Precinct Delegate in Midland County–has been removed from his post.

The Midland County GOP removed Gray via a resolution before the Midland GOP convention last month. When Gray came to the convention, he was turned away at the door and handed a copy of the following resolution detailing his outster:


WHEREAS the platform of the Republican National Committee states that: “From the time of Lincoln, equality of individuals has been a cornerstone of the Republican Party. Our commitment to equal opportunity extends from landmark school-choice legislation for the students of Washington D.C. to historic appointments at the highest levels of government. We consider discrimination based on sex, race, age, religion, creed, disability, or national origin to be immoral, and we will strongly enforce anti-discrimination statutes. We ask all to join us in rejecting the forces of hatred and bigotry and in denouncing all who practice or promote racism, anti-Semitism, ethnic prejudice, or religious intolerance

WHEREAS the Midland County Party fully supports this platform, adopting it as its own.

WHEREAS the actions of Mr. Gray are in direct conflict with the basic tenants of this platform, and therefore the ideals and beliefs of the Republican Party, and are strongly condemned by this organization.

And WHEREAS now is time for our country to come together to solve the many important issues that face our nation and our party.

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED, on this day, November 20th, 2008, the executive committee of the Midland County Republican Party, hereby removes and no longer recognizes Randy Gray as a Precinct Delegate, or in any way a member of the Midland Republican Party.”

The Midland County Republican Party’s legal council has assured them that Gray’s removal was legal, but Gray intends to seek legal recourse according to media reports.

Gray–who has been active with the Ku Klux Klan since 2002–was previously ousted from Republican Ron Paul’s campaign once his affiliation with the Klan became known.

MediaMouse.org broke the story of Gray’s election as precinct delegate back in September. However, the story received little attention beyond an article published by the Michigan Messenger. In that article, Midland County Republican Chair Diane Bristol said of Gray, “If, in fact, he’s associated with the KKK, [then] yes, it troubles me.” However, an article in the Saginaw News seems to indicate that it was Gray’s decision to protest Obama’s election in Klan robes that led to his expulsion, not his affiliation with the Klan.

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