Hoekstra Won’t Seek Re-Election, Will Run for Governor

MIRS is reporting that 2nd District Congressional Representative Pete Hoekstra won’t run for re-election in 2010 and will instead enter the running to be the GOP’s candidate for governor of Michigan. Of course, Hoekstra has broken promises in the past, but it’s an interesting prospect. We’re celebrating the report by highlighting some of our favorite Hoekstra stories over the past four years.



Yesterday, MIRS reported that Representative Pete Hoekstra will not run for his Congressional seat in two years.

According to the report, Hoekstra will instead enter the race to become the Republican candidate for governor in 2010, joining Attorney Mike Cox in the race for that seat. In the past, Hoekstra reneged on his promises to only hold office for 12 years and not accept PAC money, so we should probably take this all with a grain of salt, but it’s still interesting.

Although Hoekstra will surely continue to adopt outlandish political positions over the next few years–such as the debate over turtles in Muskegon–we thought it would be prudent to highlight some of our favorite Hoekstra moments of the past few years:

Unfortunately, while Hoekstra’s politics are reprehensible to many progressives, there is little chance that a progressive or even a Democrat will be able to take Hoekstra’s 2nd District seat in 2010. Over the past several years, Democratic candidates have done quite poorly in the district.

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