Unemployment Rises to 9.3% in Michigan

The unemployment rate in Michigan rose to 9.3% in October, far out pacing the national rate of 6.5% and increasing almost 2% over a year ago.


Sadly, we don’t have anything great to offer as a solution, but it seems worth noting that the latest unemployment numbers for Michigan continue to bring bad news.

Unemployment rose slightly according to the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth, reaching 9.3%. The rate was higher than a year ago when unemployment was at 7.5%. Moreover, the unemployment rate is the highest monthly rate since 1992. An Associated Press article predicts that the numbers will rise into the double digits based on the economic situation in the US and the problems facing the auto industry.

The national unemployment rate also rose last month and is now at 6.5%.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org