New Radio Station Offers Independent Media for West Michigan

Public Reality Radio has begun broadcasting in West Michigan and offers a wide variety of prominent progressive programming, including the excellent Democracy Now radio program which airs at 8am and 5pm.



A former Disney Radio station is now offer a totally new format in West Michigan. WPRR (1680 AM) is now the home of Reality Radio and has begun airing popular national programs such as Democracy Now!.

According to their website,

“WPRR Public Reality Radio is a non-profit, listener supported radio station dedicated to providing quality educational programming to the public. In addition to locally produced shows and the best of progressive radio, WPRR showcases podcasts from around the world. Our mission is to bring to you intelligent and challenging programming from many diverse points of view on subjects ranging from philosophy and science to politics and religion.”

Democracy Now! can be heard on WPRR (1680 AM) at 8 AM and again at 5 PM, Monday through Friday. In addition to Democracy Now!, the station is airing Free Speech Radio News weekdays at 4 PM. Free Speech Radio News is a worker-run half-hour news program. Reality Radio is also offering Alternative Radio every Wednesday at 1 PM. Alternative Radio is hosted by David Barsamian and features interviews with dissident voices from around the world. The other national show they offer is a weekly program by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) called CounterSpin. CounterSpin can now be heard on WPRR every Friday at 2 PM.

In addition to these national news and information shows, Reality Radio is also airing shows such as Earthbeat, Corporate Watchdog Radio, Point of Inquiry, and Between The Lines. You can view the stations current program format and listen to programming that is streamed online at

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