Group Calls for Limits on Michigan Coal Plants in Wake of EPA Decision

Following an EPA rejection of a coal power plant permit in Utah because it didn’t take into account CO2 pollution, Michigan Clean Energy Now is calling for the state government to reject permits for eight proposed coal power plants in Michigan.



Michigan Clean Energy Now–a coalition of groups working to stop the construction of new coal plants in Michigan–is urging the state of Michigan to stop issuing air permits for new coal plants in light of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decision ruling that carbon dioxide pollution must be factored into the permitting process.

In a press release issue by the group, the group argues that Michigan should stop awarding permits for the plant. By doing that, the state would then be able to move towards a truly clean energy future as other technologies–including solar and wind–would need to be used to meet energy needs. According to studies by the Renewable Energy Policy Project and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Michigan could create 46,000 new jobs by investing in renewable energy and efficiency. Currently, eight new coal plants have been proposed for Michigan–more than any other state.

The release was prompted by a decision in Utah where the EPA rejected a permit for a coal plant because it failed to address carbon dioxide pollution. The ruling affirms the seriousness of carbon dioxide pollution.

Advocacy groups such as Michigan Clean Energy Now hope that the decision will stop the development of some 100 coal plants proposed across the United States.

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