Website Promotes Locally Grown Foods

AA new nationwide website is promoting locally grown foods both here in Grand Rapids and across the country by providing an easy-to-edit website that allows user submissions.



A new nationwide website called Eat Well Guide aspires to be the source free online directory to help people find local, sustainable, and organic food, stores, and farms. It’s got all the latest Internet bells and whistles–user submissions, ratings, and widgets–which come together to create an incredibly useful website with a lot of potential.

For Grand Rapids, Michigan, the guide offers a number of farmers, farmers markets, and stores. The listings are a little skimpy, so it would be helpful if people submit restaurants, stores, and farms not on the list. It also features a guide to seasonal foods in Michigan–something that will be considerably more useful in the spring–and a map of rBGH free dairies in the state.

The website is similar to the Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council’s online and print West Michigan Food Guide, but is easier to use.

Author: mediamouse

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