Starbucks to Face Trial in Grand Rapids over Fired Barista

Starbucks will go on trial Thursday for the firing of a union organizer in Grand Rapids. The local chapter of the Starbucks Workers Union has called for people to attend the trial–which will be held in downtown Grand Rapids–in support.



On Thursday, a trial against Starbucks will take place over the wrongful firing of barista Cole Dorsey. Dorsey was active in the Starbucks Workers Union and was fired for his organizing.

The local chapter of the Union has put out a call for people to attend the trial in support:



A trial against Starbucks at the National Labor Relations Board over wrongful termination of IWW barista. The proceedings are open to the public.


Starbucks baristas, supporters from the IWW and the community, Starbucks management officials.

The IWW Starbucks Workers Union will be represented by attorney Rodger Webb of Webb, Englehardt, and Fernandes.

Starbucks will be represented by corporate law firm Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt, and Howlett.

The NLRB attorney on the case is Brad Howell.


Starbucks’ is preparing to fight its second trial against Unfair Labor Practices. After an investigation triggered by charges from the IWW, the Labor Board hit Starbucks with a complaint alleging the illegal termination of an employee for union activity. The barista firing at issue in the case resulted in solidarity actions from around the world. Now Starbucks will have to answer for its illegal acts in open court.

Despite the fierce anti-union campaign by the world’s largest fast-food coffee outlet, baristas around the country continue to join the IWW Starbucks Workers Union to pressure the company on issues of concern including insecure work hours, poverty wages, and unaffordable health care.

Background on the complaint for which Starbucks will stand trial: “Starbucks faces another NLRB complaint“, by Lauren Shepherd for the Associated Press, available online.


Starting Thursday, November 20th at 10am


NLRB Region 7 at the Federal Building. David L. Basso Hearing Room, 82 Ionia in Grand Rapids, 3rd Floor.

Press Conference 930am in front of 82 Ionia

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