Grand Rapids Area Campaign for USA ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

A new campaign is being launched in Grand Rapids to push for the United States’ ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. A new group–Parenting for Peace–is organizing an upcoming event in Grand Rapids on the issue.



A new campaign is being launched in Grand Rapids to push for the United States’ ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child:

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was adopted by the U. N. General Assembly on 20 November (Universal Children’s Day), 1989. Exactly nineteen years later Parenting for Peace, a newly formed group based in Grand Rapids under the auspices of the Institute for Global Education (IGE), is undertaking a local campaign to help secure USA ratification. We believe it should not take 20 years for the USA to ratify the CRC!

Join us on Thursday, 20 November, to help us launch this effort. The launch will be held at IGE, 1118 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids. Schedule as follows:

* 4:00pm: Write letters, make calls, and/or send emails to our two Senators and the President-Elect, as well as friends or others who might want to become involved.

* 5:00pm: Enjoy a potluck supper.

* 6:00pm: Join together to make plans for the campaign.

Here is some basic information about the CRC as it applies to parenting and children:

Nations that ratify the CRC agree to respect and support the responsibilities, rights and duties of parents to provide direction and guidance for the development of their children. In addition, the CRC calls on governments to develop policies conducive to family and community environments that will allow children to grow up in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.

The CRC sets forth basic norms and standards that individual nations agree to pursue on behalf of their children. Those internationally recognized norms include:

– Protection from violence, abuse and abduction

– Protection from hazardous employment and exploitation

– Adequate nutrition

– Free primary education

– Adequate health care

– Equal treatment regardless of gender, race or cultural background.

Effects so far in various countries have included separation of detained juveniles from adults and providing them legal representation, extended ability to prosecute for child prostitution and pornography, reform of the child protection system, training of criminal justice personnel in child-friendly practices, revised justice codes for children, reduction in hitting and other abuse of children.

The sponsoring organization for this local effort, Parenting for Peace, meets at IGE. Its mission is to:

-Promote children’s rights and well-being;

-Support parents/caregivers rights and well-being, and their efforts to raise healthy, happy children;

-Make connections between peaceful parenting and a peaceful world;

-Bring diverse groups together to learn from each other and strengthen our collective voice.

We hope to work with the Campaign for U. S. Ratification of the CRC, a national coalition which brings together many interested groups. See for more info on that coalition. We also plan to look into the possibility of getting a City of Grand Rapids resolution in support of the Convention. In addition, we are considering a petition.

If any of these ideas grab you, we welcome your help in advancing them. If you have other ideas, please come and share them. We are open, we love enthusiasm, and we value diverse approaches.

For more information about the local campaign or about Parenting for Peace, contact us at IGE: or (616)-454-1642.

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