WZZM asks Viewers to Sympathize with Banks Dealing with Foreclosed Homes

A recent WZZM 13 story on foreclosures in Grand Rapid made it seem like banks and realtors are the only ones suffering from the foreclosure crisis–not the families that lose their homes.



On Sunday, WZZM 13 reported on the latest foreclosure numbers from Grand Rapids realtors. However, rather than looking at how foreclosure is impacting families, the channel primarily looked at how foreclosures are making it difficult for banks and realtors.

WZZM reports that banks are a hard time selling foreclosed homes because there are so many on the market. That is creating a situation where buyers can purchase homes for less than what they are worth:

“‘Never before and probably never again will there be such a great opportunity for buyers,’ says realtor Sue Prins.

Prins says unlike many homes in the past, today, homes in foreclosure or short sale are well-maintained.

“It’s not what you may think for a short-sale or foreclosure, some people have that misconception,” she says.

That means home buyers like Josh and Courntey VerVoort have a real advantage.

‘We don’t really know what we’re looking for until we walk in and get that ‘wow’ feeling,’ Josh says.”

Of course, the story is largely silent on the fact that those deals come at the expense of others being forced out of their homes. They mention this only briefly and somewhat dismissively:

“‘It’s stressful, it’s hard, it’s disappointing,’ says Prins. ‘I sit across from people sometimes very tearful over this situation.’

Others though can get tears of joy, as they’re about to get a great deal.”

For those facing foreclosure–and for those of us who care about the community around us–foreclosure is a serious issue and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The local nonprofit organization Home Repair Services offers help for people facing foreclosure. The local ACORN chapter has also been active on the issue . A coalition of groups–including the aforementioned two–have also formed under the name Foreclosure Response to offer assistance to the community.

Maybe in the future WZZM 13 can report on the work that those groups do, rather than trying to make us to feel sorry for the banks.

Author: mediamouse

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