LGBTQ Rights Protest Planned for Saturday

A protest against California’s anti-gay Proposition 8 and for LGBTQ rights is being planned for Saturday as part of a series of coordinated nationwide protests.



A protest for LGBTQ rights is being held at the Calder Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids on Saturday. While details are scare, the protest is part of a nationwide protest against the anti-gay marriage initiative Proposition 8 in California. Coordinated protests are happening across the country beginning at 1:30pm. Grand Rapids’ protest will take place at the Calder Plaza (300 Ottawa Ave. NW).

An announcement for the protest:

Grand Rapids,

In the past few days we have seen:

Proposition 8 in California taking away legal rights of Gays and Lesbians to marry through vote of the people. By “Church Leaders” of the Church of Latter Day Saints soliciting the members to send in excess of 20 Million Dollars to the effort to pass a consitutional amendment. Marriage bans in Arizona and Florida (Rich DeVos organization in Florida was instrumental in this effort)! Gay Adoption Ban in Arkansas (where are the kids to go now? Will the church take them in?)

And in Michigan, not only are Marriage and Civil Unions constitutionally banned, but:

We do not have hate crimes protection

We do not have safe schools laws

We do not have comprehensive anti discrimination protection

HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment is seriously underfunded

It’s time to stop putting our hopes into someone else’s efforts. We have the opportunity to come together as a Community, a State, and a Nation

Come to the Calder Plaza Saturday Night for a Candle Light Vigal and peaceful protest to let our community know we are not SECOND CLASS CITIZENS and deserve the protection of the law when it comes to equal rights.

Those of you that are artistic please look at the posters that are on this site, and construct what you will and bring them with you. Everyone please bring a candle as well. Rapids

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