Group Protests “Anti-Queer Mega Church” in Lansing

Over the weekend, activists involved with the group Bash Back! held a disruptive protest at the Mount Hope Church in Lansing to draw attention to its alleged anti-queer beliefs.



While scanning the headlines today, we came across an interesting story out of Lansing.

Over the weekend, the radical queer group Bash Back! disrupted a church service at Mount Hope Church in Lansing. Describing the church as “a deplorable, anti-queer mega-church,” the group used a variety of tactics to draw attention to what they allege is the church’s anti-gay agenda.

Bash Back! issued a statement outlining the action, which is reprinted here:

The Mount Hope Church is a deplorable, anti-queer mega-church in Lansing, Michigan. The church works to institutionalize transphobia and homophobia through several repulsive projects including organized “ex-gay” conferences and so-called “hell houses”, which depict queers, trannies and womyn who seek abortions in hell. Mt. Hope is complicit in the repression of queers in Michigan and beyond.

Bash Back! ain’t down with that. And so on Sunday November 9th, about thirty radical queers from Lansing, Chicago, Memphis and Milwaukee disrupted the church’s most well-attended sermon.

At noon, a small group of folks dressed in pink and black, equipped with a megaphone, black flags, picket signs and an upside-down pink cross began demonstrating outside the church. The group was extremely loud and wildly offensive.

The demonstration drew a majority of Mount Hope’s security staff outside to watch them.

Meanwhile, with the guards pre-occupied by the distraction, over a dozen queers had put on their Sunday-best and infiltrated the church’s congregation. At the signal that the guards had been lured outside, the infiltrators sprung into action.

A group stood up, declared themselves fags, and began screaming loudly. Upon hearing the loud interruption, other affinity groups went into action. A team that had been hiding under the pews in the closed-off balcony dropped a banner and pulled back the curtains to reveal “IT’S OKAY TO BE GAY! BASH BACK!”. Another group threw over a thousand fliers to the entirety of the congregation. The fire alarm was pulled. Queers began making out in front of the pastor. And within a matter of minutes, everyone had evaded the guards and made their escapes.

Bash Back! operatives, still hidden among the congregation observed a person screaming that Satan had come to Mount Hope, that the end was here, that the queers were everywhere. She then began speaking tongues. The dumbfounded pastor, after regaining his composure, went on to speak of the of decadent, depraved wolves that menace his flock of sheep.

Let it be known: So long as bigots kill us in the streets, this pack of wolves will continue to BASH BACK!

We are everywhere.

Not surprisingly, the story has been all over the rightwing blogosphere. The blog even claims that–as “one of the state’s most widely read ‘mainstream’ progressive blogs”–was somehow involved in facilitating the action because we published a statement announcing a Bash Back! meeting.

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