Obama, Bill Clinton, and the Possibilities for Change

News that Obama has appointed a number of former Clinton officials should be taken as a signal that progressive movements need to stay alert and remain ready to pressure Obama if his administration takes a rightward turn like Clinton’s.


With the news last week that president elect Obama has appointed a number of former Clinton administration members to his transition team and the selection of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff, we thought it would be pertinent to highlight a series of articles that MediaMouse.org wrote last year on Bill Clinton’s legacy.

While we hope it isn’t, we see a possibility that the Clinton era may be emerging as parallel for the Obama presidency. When Clinton was inaugurated there as great hope that his administration would bring a number of progressive policies, but instead his administration had few–if any–progressive gains. As early as his picks for his cabinet, Clinton turned his back on the progressive movements that had supported him. During his administration, there was little pressure on Clinton from the left. Many progressive groups held their tongues and did not criticize Clinton, while Democrats cooperated in helping him shift to the right.

The articles in the series explore Clinton’s policies on a variety of issues:

The series was written raise important–and occasionally difficult–questions about Clinton’s legacy before a speech he delivered in Grand Rapids.

Author: mediamouse

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