Anarchists Subvert Corporate Media on Day after Election

A decentralized effort by anarchists across the United States resulted in false covers getting placed on tens of thousands of newspapers, replacing the typical election coverage with a scathing critique of capitalism.

On a day when many were celebrating–or at the very least focused on–the election, a decentralized effort by anarchists around the country sent a different message:


The effort–coordinated through Unconventional Action–resulted in some 30,000 newspapers having false covers placed over them that offered a scathing critique of capitalism. A statement from the group said that:

“Early this morning, many thousands of corporate newspapers in over 20 cities across the United States, including Chapel Hill and Carrboro, were given more accurate front pages. That one wealthy politician will replace another is not news worthy. Capitalism has always won at the polls, and it always will. McCain and Obama’s support for the financial bailout proved this, and ensured that any vote would be a vote for Wall St. The real stories worth telling are those of resistance and struggle, any instance where oppressed people attempt to realize dignity, autonomy, and equality in their daily lives.”

In many of the cities where newspapers were altered, the corporate media covered the action, resulting in a further magnification of the message. It’s a simple action that can be easily reproduced–like reclaiming newspaper boxes–for getting the word out about all sorts of different issues.

Author: mediamouse

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