Levin Wins Sixth Term

Democratic Senator Carl Levin easily defeated Republican Jack Hoogendyk and was elected to his sixth term.


Democratic Senator Carl Levin was easily elected to his sixth term last night, beating Republican Jack Hoogendyk while receiving 63% of the vote compared to Hoogendyk’s 34%. Hoogendyk’s campaign was dramatically outspent, with Levin raising $8.1 million compared to Hoogendyk’s $234,000.

There were a handful of third party candidates–who despite receiving next to no attention in the media–received a small number of votes. Libertarian Scotty Boman received 76,128 votes, Green Party candidate Harley Mikkelson received 44,282, US Taxpayers Party candidate Michael Nikitin received 30,987, and Natural Law Party candidate Doug Dern received 18,798 votes. Taken together, the third party candidates received a fraction of the votes cast in the race.

Author: mediamouse

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