Ehlers Wins Reelection

As was expected, Republican Vern Ehlers easily won reelection in the 2nd Congressional District.


Republican Vern Ehlers easily won reelection last night, defeating Democrat Henry Sanchez in a race that received little attention in the media. Despite the unpopularity of President Bush and the Republicans generally, Ehlers won with 61% of the vote compared to Sanchez’s 35%. Ehlers dramatically outspent Sanchez, raising $387,610 while Sanchez raised only $3,810. Nearly half of Ehlers’ money came from political action committees (PACs). Libertarian Erwin Haas received 4% of the votes in the race.

In other House races in Michigan, Republican Pete Hoekstra was reelected in the 2nd District. Democrats gained two House seats in Michigan, with Gary Peters defeating Republican Joe Knollenberg and Mark Schauer defeating Tim Walberg.

Author: mediamouse

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