Top PACs Raise $37.1 Million

Michigan’s top PACs have raised less money than the record setting 2006 election cycle, but they are still up 25% from 2004.

Michigan’s top 150 political action committees (PACs) have raised $37.1 million according to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. The number is down 28.5% from the 2006 election–due in part due to a smaller number of state level races–but still up 25% from 2004.

Several PACs were up significantly, including the House Democratic Fund which is up by 11.4%. It is also worth noting that Kalamazoo philanthropist John Stryker is the greatest single source of money in Michigan politics. His PAC contributions included:

“Coalition for Progress: $3,834,300; Michigan Equality PAC: $255,000; Michigan List: $135,000; Planned Parenthood: $75,000; America Votes Michigan: $50,000; Michigan Pride PAC: $50,000; Lieutenant Governor John Cherry’s Genesee Fund: $24,000; the House Democratic Fund: $20,000; and the Civic Fund: $15,000. He also has given $320,000 to the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee and $100,000 to Cure Michigan, the proponent of Proposal 2.”

The Great Lakes Education Project–a PAC formed by the DeVos family–once again has become a leading PAC, raising $450,000. $250,000 of that money came from Richard and Helen DeVos and $100,000 from Dick and Betsy DeVos.

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