Nader Campaign Holding Grand Rapids Event

Ralph Nader’s presidential campaign–which has been largely ignored by the local media–is hosting an event tomorrow in Grand Rapids.

The campaign of independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader–who has been largely excluded from local and national coverage of the presidential race–is holding an event tomorrow in Grand Rapids:

“Grand Rapids Community College

Applied Technology Center, Room 234

Wednesday, Oct 29, 5:00PM

Ashley Sanders is the youth spokesperson for the Nader/Gonzalez presidential campaign. She will speak on the major issues of this election, take questions, and engage in discussion with students and community members.

You don’t need to be a supporter or even be interested in politics to attend. We invite non-supporters to come and ask questions.”

Nader’s campaign recently opened an office in Lansing. Nader is polling at only 1% according to the most recent poll, although earlier polls ranked him as high as 6% and 10%.

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