Progressive Voter Guide Excludes Third Party Candidates

A “progressive voters guide” by the “progressive” independent media outlet has excluded progressive third party candidates. Unfortunately, the self-described progressive news source has been doing this all election.

Advertisements–a prominent progressive website–has released a series of voters guides for the presidential race. The guides look at a variety of issues, including prominent issues like the economy and Iraq, as well as less discussed issues such as water to media policy.

Unfortunately, despite the guides’ “progressive” designation and AlterNet’s being “a key player in the echo chamber of progressive ideas and vision” the guide completely excludes the progressive third party candidacies of Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader. Moreover, a search of the website reveals no coverage of Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney’s campaign and only three articles on Nader’s campaign, all of which were negative. The two candidates have an almost complete exclusion from the corporate media debate and it is disappointing that the so-called progressive media would follow a similar practice.

The voters guides by topic:

Author: mediamouse

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