Controversial Representative Endorsed by the Press

The Grand Rapids Press has endorsed the candidacy of Representative Dave Agema. While in the House, Agema has been advocated for a number of controversial positions including arming teachers and cutting Native American tuition assistance programs.


Yesterday, the Grand Rapids Press endorsed Republican Dave Agema’s candidacy for the Michigan House of Representatives. The Grand Rapids Press writes:

“We recommend DAVID AGEMA for a second term because he best understands the issues facing the state, offers reasonable ideas for tackling them and is an effective advocate for reducing the size of government and expanding school choice. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, he has used his influence to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars.”

The Press fails to note that Agema has been a lightning rod for criticism, taking a number of controversial stands. Over the past two years, he has aggressively attacked undocumented immigrants, called for funding cuts for universities providing domestic partner benefits, advocated cutting tuition assistance to Native Americans, called for legislation to allow teachers to be armed, and made anti-Muslim comments. He also lost a committee seat for being absent from key votes while hunting in Russia.

The Grand Rapids Press also endorsed Agema’s campaign in 2006.

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