Prominent West Michigan Religious Right Activist Funding Anti-Gay Marriage Initiative in California

Elsa Prince–who was the largest individual contributor to Michigan’s anti-gay marriage ballot initiative in 2004–has contributed $650,000 to a similar initiative in California.

Elsa Prince–the prominent religious right activist who lives in Grand Haven, Michigan–is funding an anti-gay marriage ballot initiative in California. According to the website Mormons for 8, which analyzes donations to the ballot initiative as reported by California’s Secretary of State, Prince has made three donations to the campaign totaling $450,000. The initiative aims to make it a law that “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California.”

In 2004, Prince was the top individual contributor to Citizens for the Protection of Marriage, contributing $75,000 to ban gay marriage in Michigan.

Elsa Prince has a long relationship with the religious right. Her and her deceased husband, Edgar Prince, established the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation which has generously funded the religious right. Similarly, she has been involved in various religious right organizations, including the Council for National Policy and Focus on the Family. Two of the couple’s children, Betsy DeVos and Blackwater founder Erik Prince, have also been involved in the religious right.

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