McCain and Obama Ads Disregard Facts

Recent ads from the McCain and Obama campaigns are being criticized for disregarding facts in order to attack their opponents.

Recent advertisements from the John McCain campaign and the Barack Obama campaign are drawing criticism for disregarding key facts in order to attack their opponents.

An ad by the McCain campaign titled “Education” aired four times in the Grand Rapids market and attacked Obama for not doing anything on education other than teaching sex education to kindergartners. The political watchdog group analyzed the ad and concluded that the central claim of the ad was false. In reality, Obama has supported “age appropriate” sex education for kindergartners, but opposes explicit sex education. However, the bill in question never passed the Senate. Similarly, the ad’s claim that this was Obama’s “only accomplishment” is also dubious as Obama neither sponsored or co-sponsored the bill and has supported some education related legislation.

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Unfortunately, it is not just the McCain campaign that has been inserting false claims in political ads. A recent Spanish language ad by the Obama campaign attempts to portray McCain as being associated with anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from conservative talk radio. In the ad titled “Dos Caros,” Obama’s campaign claims that McCain is “friends” with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh–even though Limbaugh has been critical of McCain’s immigration policies–and uses anti-immigrant quotes from Limbaugh to attack McCain. However, reports that the quotes from Limbaugh are taken out of context.

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