Law Enforcement Investigating RNC Protests

Reports are coming in that various law enforcement agencies–from local police to the FBI–are investigating individuals planning to attend the RNC protests.

While perhaps not a surprise, numerous reports have surfaced indicating that a variety of law enforcement agencies–from police in the Twin Cities to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)–are investigating people planning to protest the Republican National Convention (RNC). Twin Cities Indymedia reports that that people arrested at another protest in the Twin Cities have been asked about their plans for the RNC, while another individual was approached about infiltrating events and providing information to the FBI.

Also, a report has surfaced indicating that the FBI is investigating outside of the Twin Cities as well:

“A few days ago a University of Toledo student, that we have reason to trust, contacted us to let us know their parents had been visited at home by two FBI agents. The agents questioned them about their child’s involvement with local anarchists and specifically about the upcoming Republican National Convention. Their child was out of town at the time, and relayed the message to us after hearing from their parents.

So, we just thought this might be pertinent to share with you. The feds are on the RNC case, even all the way out here in Toledo.”

In advance of the 2004 RNC, the FBI investigated a number of anarchists across the country and infiltrated a wide variety of groups organizing–and in some cases not organizing–against the 2004 RNC.

Author: mediamouse

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