to Cover RNC Protests

Like we did in 2004, will be covering the upcoming protests against the Republican National Convention (RNC) from August 25 to September 4.

From August 25 to September 4, a crew from will be in the Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota) to cover the protests against the Republican National Convention (RNC). Beginning today, we are starting to cover the preparations for the protests at

Why the RNC?

The political reasons for organizing against the RNC should be clear–the Republicans (along with their allies in the Democratic Party) are destroying the Earth, they are privatizing the resources that we need to live (ex: water), they advocate an agenda of white supremacy (detention of immigrants, rolling back civil rights gains, etc), and are advocating any number of other reprehensible policies. The reasons for protesting the Republicans are readily apparent, making for a mobilization that has clearly understood motivations and can gain wide participation. Of course, we are aware that in many of these problems–from the destruction of our earth to the occupation of foreign lands–the Democrats are every bit as worthy of protest. However, the RNC is in the Midwest and has been our focus for reasons of geography.

For over a year, individuals involved with have been excited both about the RNC protests in particular–which has a well crafted plan to “crash” the convention–as well as the possibility to use the RNC as a spring board towards developing sustainable anti-authoritarian projects. From meetings across the Midwest to consultas here in Michigan, the organizing that has gone into the RNC has continually inspired us. We believe that the protests will be–and in many ways already have been–pivotal in building a radical alternative to the two-party system. We remember the wave of activism that swept across the United States following the Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1999 and we feel a similar sense of excitement about this year’s RNC protests. We believe that these big mobilizations can generate a much-needed wave of energy and inspiration that can filter back into local projects, as was the case in forming in 1999.

What We’re Doing will be doing live updates from the streets of the Twin Cities. We’ll be using a variety of technologies–mobile blogging, wireless, photos, videos, etc–to cover the protests as they happen. As we did at the RNC in 2004, we’ll also be working with indymedia activists from around the country to coordinate independent media coverage of the conventions. From there, you will be able to get updates via the regular website, RSS, email, Twitter, or any number of other technologies that you regularly use to access

To start viewing background stories about the conventions and organizing around them, visit:

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– The Mobile Reporting Team

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