Exxon-Mobil Sponsoring RNC and DNC Coverage on CNN

Exxon-Mobil–a corporation notorious for its record breaking profits and sponsorship of research designed to cast doubt on global warming–is sponsoring CNN’s coverage of the upcoming political conventions. It’s just one way through which corporations hope to use the conventions to influence the presidential candidates.

In the past, Mediamouse.org has written about how corporate contributionsprovide much of the money to pay for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and Republican National Convention (RNC) . Donations to conventions are largely unregulated and offer a way for corporations to bypass campaign finance limitations that regulate giving to individual candidates and parties. In fact, from delegate parties to sponsorship of the conventions, corporations used the political conventions to exert influence over the political process. Most recently, this has included the announcement that Exxon-Mobil–a company that is notorious for record breaking profits and funding scientists denying the reality of global warming–is sponsoring coverage of the conventions on CNN and CBS.

Author: mediamouse

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