Racist Concert at Lansing’s Mac’s Bar No Longer Cancelled

A concert by the racist band M.O.D. in Lansing is now on again after the owner of Mac’s Bar reneged on his commitment to cancel the concert after public pressure.

Michigan Against White Supremacy–an anti-racist group opposing organized racism in Michigan–announced last week that it had successfully pressured Mac’s Bar in Lansing to cancel a show by the racist band M.O.D.. However, according to an update from Michigan Against White Supremacy, Mac’s Bar owner Chuck Mannino has gone back on his word:

M.O.D. Show Uncanceled at Macs, Owner Chuck Mannino goes back on his word

It is despicable but true. Here’s the situation.

Macs Owner Chuck Mannino had been saying the show was cancelled. Last Thursday Chuck told myself and others that there was no way the show would happen. He stated the that the M.O.D. show is canceled as did members of his staff. He stated the same thing to members of the Hip Hop group FOS and to DJ Ruckus. FOS hosts the monthly hip hop night, “Respiration” at Mac’s and had told Chuck that they would move their monthly event to a different venue if the M.O.D. show took place. FOS and DJ Ruckus had been working to get Chuck to cancel the show. Chuck was planning (or at least pretending to plan) to have FOS and DJ Ruckus play an “anti-racist” show in place of the M.O.D. event to cover the cost of cancelling the M.O.D. event and to demonstrate that Mac’s is a tolerant place. The replacement show will not be happening and Chuck has chosen to have the M.O.D. show.

Over this past weekend, Chuck did not answer any phone calls and this (tuesday) morning he texted FOS saying the M.O.D. Show was no longer cancelled because he could not get ahold of the booking agent. Chuck has gone back on his word.

This has become about more than the disgusting songs of M.O.D. This is about more than the fact that Chuck Mannino and Mac’s are hosting a Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Immigrant and all around ignorant band. This is about more than trying to influence our music scenes and community in a positive way.

Now, this is also about a local business and music venue that is playing us for fools. Its about Chuck Mannino having no integrity and him being willing to do anything for a lousy buck. Mac’s has in the past been a place supportive of independent, underground and progressive music. Those days are gone. Under Chuck’s direction, Mac’s is about the money and nothing else. During this whole situation, several people have been in contact saying they are glad someone is addressing racist and homophobic tensions at Mac’s. Its clear now that Chuck is not interested in addressing problems and only cares about the money, not about the music.

Chuck Mannino is a coward who can not be trusted. Not ever again. Don’t spend money there and don’t book shows there. Mac’s is not a welcoming place and won’t be until someone else owns it.

What can we do?

here are things we can do.

1. Call Chuck Mannino with your thoughts

Cell Number: 517.614.2362

2. Come to a mass demonstration outside of Macs on Monday, August 18th (Time TBA)

2700 E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912

3. Tell your friends, neighbors, bands you know, people you know who work at macs, etc.. about the show and about Chuck playing us all for fools.

4. Don’t go to Mac’s anymore, don’t book shows their as a band or artist and get the word out about the double handed way things go down over there.



Bigoted, Racist Band to Play at Mac’s Bar

Macs Owner Chuck Mannino Refuses to Cancel Show

For updates or to download a flyer about this go to: http://www.maws.wordpress.com

M.O.D. is a racist, homophobic and anti-immigrant band that has no place in the lansing community. Members of this band were formerly part of Stormtroopers of Death, S.O.D. also known as “Speak English Or Die”.

M.O.D will be playing Monday, August 18th at Mac’s Bar in Lansing. Their full songs and disturbing lyrics can be found at the bottom of this email.

Mac’s is looking to make money off of intolerance and racism. Chuck, the owner of Macs’s and the person who books the bands at Mac’s bar has been contacted about this band and told of their views. He has been asked to cancel the show and has refused to do so.

Its up to us to change his mind.

Call Chuck and tell him to cancel the show or stop in at Mac’s (2700 E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912) and let them know that the show needs to be cancelled and if it isn’t, you won’t be going back to Mac’s.

Chuck Mannino: 517.614.2362

If the show isn’t cancelled, see you outside Mac’s on August 18th because together we can shut it down. We believe it has no place here and should be canceled and if needs be, shut down. Read the lyrics and decide for yourself.

Is this garbage something that belongs in our music scenes and communities? In the past, Macs has been welcoming to independent, progressive and underground music. Macs has cancelled racist bands. But that was under different owners. With Chuck in charge, the new Mac’s would rather make money off of racists than respect the community.

To get involved contact michiganaws@gmail.com or go to http://www.maws.wordpress.com

——————M.O.D Lyrics———————————–

LYRICS That M.O.D. Actively sings:

“So fuck those nigger’s charity And let them die of thirst……….Let them all die hungry So I

can breathe their air”

“Anally Inflicted Death Sentence; A.I.D.S., That’s what you get for having a penis up your ass”

“Here come la cucarachas. Across the Rio Grande”

“Hindus and Ethiopians, You know they’re all the same, A huck a buck of Indians, They’re all so

fucking lame”

“Aren’t You Hungry”

U.S.A. for Africa What a fucking scam

Charity begins at home What about our land

America has it’s own problems That’s what should come first

So fuck those nigger’s charity

And let them die of thirst

U.S.A. for U.S.A. That’s what I’d like to see

But sympathetic assholes

Send it all to their own countries

They want the food to grow

On what they call home land

But don’t you know

You can’t grow anything in sand

I think of people starving

But do you think I care

Let them all die hungry

So I can breathe their air


You’re accused of the following charges

You’re a woman trapped inside a man

Your sexuality no one denies you

But your preference we can’t understand

You are the lonliness of all people It’s time for you to realize

AIDS like the plague is from God

For he sees something wrong in his eyes

Anally Inflicted Death Sentence


That’s what you get for having a penis up your ass

You should have used a condom

That’s what you get when you swallow another man’s load

A lubricated condom

How do you find love in another man’s hairy ass

You should have used a condom

Millions of hamsters Running rampant through your bowels

Take the Hershey Highway

“Makin’ Friends is Fun”

criticize our country – kick us when we’re down

criticize our military movements on the ground

you think that we’re a joke –

here’s something to quote: shove your turban in your trap or I’m gonna kill your goat!!!

you wanna be a martyr – we’re happy to oblige

you wanna be a victim of a system that divides

you wanna be a hero – then we gonna collide

you wanna go to paradise – we’ll pay for the ride

scream about atrocities – our country has perpetrated

scream about the policies – about to be implicated

scream about alliances – our country has affiliated

scream about poor villages – about to be incinerated

say we are the terrorists – that we are to blame

that it might as well have been us piloting those planes

we brought it to ourselves – so you fuckin say

here’s a couple daisy cutters – have a nice fuckin day!

scream about atrocities…………

why don’t you pack your bags and leave the States?!

since it pains you so much to watch their fate here’s your 10 million back

shove it up your fuckin Saudi ass!

getting rich on our democracy, riding on our freedom’s back …

makin’ friends is fun!

criticize our country……………

complain about our country – as coalitions build

with the UN as your soap box – and your pockets filled with bills

I got some news for new as you’re drilling in the sand

the guilt is on your face, the blood is on your fuckin hands

scream about atrocities…………

scream about humanity – America’s insanity

you’re always there kissing our ass when we’re handing out our cash

why don’t you pack your tent and leave the States?!

since it pains you so much to watch their fate here’s your 10 million back – shove it up your

fucking Saudi ass!

getting rich on our democracy, riding on our freedom’s back

why don’t you pack your bags and leave?! …making friends is FUN !

“Imported Society”

They came from the other side

In bunches at a time

Crowding up the neighborhood

To raise the rates of crime

Some of them got money

Most of them got shit

All they do is come here

To take from our pockets

Import, import, imported society

Don’t you fucking see

That you bother me


You can’t hide

So go home now

Don’t come back

Take your goat

Get on your boat

I hate imports

I don’t want to hear their shit

I hate imports

Cause I’m just so sick of it

I just want to Live my life without you fucking assholes

And I want to Never see your ass again

Import, import, imported society

Hindus and Ethiopians

You know they’re all the same

A huck a buck of Indians

They’re all so fucking lame

“Jose Can You See”

Here come la cucarachas. Across the Rio Grande

Shaking their maracas invading my homeland

No sign of integration its simple infiltration

To disrespect the legalized, break into our nation

There is a taco bell next to the alamo

It just goes to show that America needs more men like John Wayne

To drive them south of the border again

We must have national pride, Americans rise!

Here comes la cucarchas, to pick all the tomatoes

En (bente) in le casa La Raza invado!

My neighborhood el stinko, my country down the drinko

The ACLU sold us out Death to those fucking pinkos

There is a taco bell next to the alamo

It just goes to show that America needs more men like John Wayne

To drive them south of the border again

We must have national pride, Americans rise!

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org