Midwest Sector 5 RNC Spokescouncil Report-Back

With the energy around the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Michigan, the following report on some of the organizing going on at a midwest-wide level might be interesting to folks.

With all of the ongoing organizing against the Republican National Convention (RNC) around Michigan–including an upcoming meeting in Grand Rapids–the following report-back might be of interest to some folks. For background on the protests, see NoRNC.org or the Mediamouse.org report on the first national gathering to plan these protests as well as how they fit into the history of recent radical street protests.

Here’s the report:

What’s good Midwestern SECTOR 5ists?

Let us answer that question. *A lot!*

On July 12th, greeting the humidity familiar to many of us, representatives from all across the mighty Midwest showed up to begin plugging into SECTOR 5 planning. Reaffirming once again that Midwestern resistance IS NOT fucking around when it comes to the RNC/SECTOR 5!

At this spokes council, lots was discussed. One of the current realities “5” is facing is “numbers”. From the information we’ve received from our “ultra top secret digit crunching committee”, it currently looks as if “5” is going to need a few more folks to plug in if our adoption is to be successful.

With that said, a “Midwestern Cluster” is officially calling on affinity groups, clusters, queers, trans gendered folk, mothers, grandmothers, children, semi truckers, workers, punks, and generally any radicals of any walk of life to start plugging into “5”!


As it stands right now, the easiest way to plug into the strategy is to form an affinity group, assess your risk level, and start planning within SECTOR 5 spokes councils. The next spokes council will be announced at the bottom of this release.

For more information about affinity groups, visit the following site:



*You could also go the route of plugging into public actions…*/

…And it just so happens that there’s a killer public action in SECTOR 5, organized by some of the fiercest Midwestern trans/queer folk to ever walk the 3rd coast! We’re talking about our close friends and allies at the Bash Back camp of course!

To read more about Bash Back, Sector 5, and how to plug in. Check out the following link:


There may be other public events announced depending on the out come of the next spokes.


*/Another spokes council!/*

On August 9th-10th in MPLS, MN, a “Midwestern Cluster” is hosting the 2nd spokes council to further planning efforts within sector 5. With the conventions coming up in a matter of weeks, this is going to be a crucial event to attend if you’re planning on “5”.

The organizers of this event are asking that folks RSVP early, start plotting immediately, and send in whatever proposals you may have ASAP so they can be given the space they need to be properly considered.

Groups are also being asked prior to 8.9-10 to figure out what their plan is and what sort of assistance they’ll need from others. If this is done, the day(s) will flow much smoother.





Keep your eyes peeled for updates on a Midwestern cluster and the

upcoming spokes councils at the following site:


That’s all for now crashers!

6 Weeks and counting, all systems go!

In regional rage,

A Midwestern Cluster


In addition to everything said above, we would like to remind everyone that there are 7 sectors, 3 of which have been adopted. If you feel like you have the capacity, consider adopting a sector. We are only as strong as our weakest link. “5” is no more important than “6”, “7”, “2”, “3”, “1”, or “4”. We encourage folks to plug in where they would feel like they would be of most tactical use.

For more info on other sectors, check this link:


Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org