Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation Funding the Religious Right

The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation has been a major funder of the religious right and the larger rightwing movement at the national level. We’ve updated the Foundation’s listing of grants in our Far Right in West Michigan database, read this article to find out some of the organizations that they have supported recently.

As part of our ongoing maintenance of our Far Right in West Michigan database, updated grant records for the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. The foundation and the DeVos family have been significant funders of the religious right since its beginnings in the 1970s. The grant data that we added is for 2005 and includes grants to the following entities:

* The American Enterprise Institute, an influential pro-business rightwing think-tank, received $10,000.

* The Acton Institute, an economic right think-tank here in Grand Rapids, received $25,000.

* Campus Crusade for Christ received $25,000.

* Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, the church of the late D. James Kennedy, received $1.8 million from the foundation.

* The Council for National Policy, a secretive organization that coordinates activities by the religious right and the larger rightwing movement, received $30,000.

* The Federalist Society, a conservative legal entity, received $25,000.

* Focus on the Family received $500,000.

* The Michigan-based Foundation for Traditional Values received $10,000.

* Gospel Communications International out of Muskegon, Michigan received $2.2 million.

* The Heritage Foundation, a prominent and individual rightwing think-tank, received $600,000.

* The Intercollegiate Studies Institute received $225,000.

* The Michigan-based Mackinac Center for Public Policy received $35,000.

* The rightwing media watchdog known as the Media Research Center received $100,000.

* The Pregnancy Resource Center, an anti-abortion organization in Grand Rapids, received $50,000.

* Prison Fellowship Ministries, headed by Watergate felon Chuck Colson, received $1 million.

* The US English Foundation received $25,000.

The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation is one of the wealthiest conservative foundations in the United States.

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