In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements


A new one-off online publication called “In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements” has been released. The publication explores radical anti-authoritarian organizing in the United States across a variety of issues with the immediate focus being the upcoming mobilizations against the Republican National Convention (RNC) and Democratic National Convention (DNC). Through a series of interviews with groups organizing against the conventions and articles by people involved in radical movements across the United States, “In the Middle of a Whirlwind” provides an inspiring look at where we are at, where we have been, and where we need to go.

Here are links to interviews with groups organizing against the conventions:

* RNC Welcoming Committee

* Recreate 68

* Unconventional Action

There are also a number of articles offering examples of solid radical organizing. Some of the ones we particularly really liked were:

* The Precarious Economy and Its Discontents: Struggling Against the Corporate Chains Through Workplace Organizing

* Liberal Mayors & Liberal Funders: A Case of Racism, Classism, and Ideological Warfare

* A Look at Resistance to Interstate 69 (I-69): Past, Present, and Future

* Media and Activism: Creating and Maintaining Effective Movement Media

* Getting to know your city and the social movements that call it home

* Anti-Authoritarian Organizing in Practice

* Philly’s Pissed & Philly Stands Up: Collected Materials

Moreover, the publication encourages people to become involved beyond simply reading the interviews and articles asking “will you join us in the middle of a whirlwind?” To that end, they encourage readers to:

* Communicate with the coordinators and contributors.

* Utilize materials contained within Whirlwinds in your own organizing.

* Participate in our discussion forums to critique or dialog around Whirlwinds contributions (forthcoming).

* Host or attend one of the many “Of Friends and Whirlwinds” events.

* Make a contribution toward the effort and sign up on the email list.

* Distribute this announcement and “Will you join us in the middle of a whirlwind?” posters and postcards; available at your local radical infoshop and from Team Colors.

* Create an affinity group to prepare for the upcoming convention protests this summer.

* Inquire into, research, investigate, document, organize around and amplify the winds – refusals, struggles, activities – circulating through your everyday lives and communities.

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