Craig James Retires from WOOD TV 8; Global Warming Views Won’t Be Missed

On Tuesday, WOOD TV 8 announced that meteorologist Craig James is retiring and that his last day on air will be June 27. As would be expected, WOOD TV covered this announcement with sentimental tributes that touted his time on air and skill at forecasting the weather. The Grand Rapids Press also covered James’ announcement, publishing a fluff piece on Craig James’ personal plans after retiring.

Interestingly, both reports touted Craig James’ blog on WOOD TV’s website. The Grand Rapids Press wrote that James “manages a blog focuses on global warming.” Similarly, WOOD TV 8 wrote:

“Early in 2007, Craig began a blog for that focused on global warming. Over that time and 100 blog posts, he’s garnered a worldwide readership and prompted a lively, thoughtful and at times rancorous online discussion over the causes of global warming, its effects and media coverage of it.”

Both outlets failed to note that James’ blog, far from simply discussing global warming, presents a view that minimizes the realities of global warming and presents a skeptical view that is outside of the scientific mainstream.

In a blog post announcing his retirement, James wrote:

“…many thanks to those of you who have read this blog on global warming and contributed so many great comments. Who knows, I may end up on another global warming blog at some time. In the meantime, please keep reading and don’t let the global warming hysteria get you down.”

Given that James has consistently attacked evidence of global warming, it’s no surprise that he ended by plugging, a website started by a retired meteorologist named Joseph D’Aleo that regularly gives voice to global warming deniers.

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