Group Urges People to Act to Protect Michigan’s Water

Currently, the Michigan legislature is debating bills that threaten fresh water in Michigan by making more water eligible for diversion and removing public control of our water. The Senate voted last week to pass SB 860 that allows up to 25% of Michigan’s waters to be open for withdrawal. Critics–including groups like Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation–have pointed out that this law would make it much easier for corporations to sell Michigan’s water for a profit.

In response, Progress Michigan is encouraging people to contact their legislators to oppose the bill. The bill still needs to pass in the House of Representatives and then differences need to be worked out in a conference committee, so there is still time for people to have an impact on the legislation.

Moreover, as an alternative to this policy, the environmental group Clean Water Action has proposed the “Great Lakes, Great Michigan: 2007 Platform” would require water diversions to be protected via “public trust” principles that prioritize the common good over private profit.

Author: mediamouse

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