Bike to Work Day


We’re a little late on promoting this, but we wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that today is “National Bike/Walk to Work Day.” While biking is only an individual response to the destruction of the environment and cannot make up for organizing against the systemic destruction, it is a good and healthy first step towards reducing your ecological footprint.

To that end, highly encourages folks to consider commuting via bike, especially now that the warmer months have arrived here in Grand Rapids. Surprisingly, the City of Grand Rapids has some useful resources for folks commuting via bicycle:

* Grand Rapids Bicycle Map (1, 2)

* Bicycle Information Packet (laws, tips, etc)

* How to Take Bikes on City Busses

Finally, it’s worth remembering driving costs an average of $7,823 per year — and that doesn’t include hidden costs such as the destruction of the environment via emissions and other car-related pollution.

Author: mediamouse

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