Levin’s Campaign: “Getting our troops out of Iraq” Important, but says Nothing about Actually Doing It


Last week, Michigan Democratic Party Senator Carl Levin–who is seeking re-election this year–launched a new campaign website and officially announced his candidacy. His website’s opening page describes the importance of the 2008 election:

“The 2008 election is critical for Michigan’s future. From jobs and our economy, to extending health care coverage and improving education, to getting our troops out of Iraq, our state and our nation need strong, principled leadership.”

Moreover, in an email announcing his candidacy, Levin says “As Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I want to keep fighting to end the war in Iraq.”

However, in his site’s Iraq section Levin says nothing about actually removing troops from Iraq. Instead, he offers the same “blame the Iraqis” rhetoric” that he has consistently advanced since 2003 while trumpeting his initial vote against the war. While Levin’s initial vote against the war is commendable, he has done little to end the war since that time. His website says, “Even though Carl Levin believes that President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq was a mistake, he believes that now that we’re there it is important that we succeed.” To that end, Levin has voted in favor of every funding request for the war.

Levin offers no concrete policy proposals on his campaign website, saying only that the United States must tell that they need to make more progress towards political reconciliation. Moreover, the site contains little information about Levin’s position on Iraq over the past six years.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org