MSU YAF Member Played Key Role in Organizing Neo-Nazi Visit

Kyle Bristow, a controversial student activist at Michigan State University and a former chair person of the school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, was actively involved in organizing a recent speaking engagement by Canadian neo-Nazi Paul Fromm.

Last week Friday, reprinted an announcement from Michigan Against White Supremacy indicating that Canadian neo-Nazi Paul Fromm would be speaking in Lansing. When the announcement was made, Michigan Against White Supremacy said it believed that Kyle Bristow, a current member and former chair of Michigan State University’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), and Evan Thomas, an active white supremacist in Michigan, had organized Fromm’s visit.

A post by YAF-Watch, a blog tracking Michigan State’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, confirmed that Kyle Bristow was there, along with the current chair of MSU YAF, Matt Ogonowski. Photos submitted to also show Bristow in attendance:


However, Bristow did far more than just attend the event–he actively organized it. Messages from Facebook–an online social networking website–show Bristow had an active role in organizing the event. A message from Bristow submitted to said “Don’t tell anyone, but there are two private events that are going to be in the Lansing area that I wanted to let you know about. The first will occur on April 12. Paul Fromm will be speaking (along with me!) on the issue of how right-wingers can build a movement.” Bristow later wrote “It is a word-of-mouth kind of thing only. We don’t want the leftists knowing about them.”

Bristow appears to have collaborated on the event with Evan Thomas, a white supremacist in Michigan. Back in October of 2007, reported that Evan Thomas attended a YAF event and reportedly ate dinner with the featured speaker, Nick Griffin, afterwards. In addition to organizing speaking engagements for a variety of racist organizations here in Michigan, Thomas has been active on the national level, speaking at racist gatherings and even providing musical entertainment (he is apparently an accomplished musician and has played at events organized by the white supremacist National Coalition). Thomas–who made the reservations under the name “Evan Kuettner”–is pictured here outside of the canceled Paul Fromm speaking engagement:


Essentially, the Paul Fromm event–while cancelled due to the efforts of Michigan Against White Supremacy–shows that Kyle Bristow has firmly aligned himself with the racist movement and has collaborated with a Michigan white supremacist to co-organize an event. He even took the usual approach of running the event as a “private meeting” and making no announcement of its public location. Of course, this should not be a surprise to anyone that has followed Bristow and Young Americans for Freedom over the past several months. The organization brought Nick Griffin, a British fascist, to Michigan State University as part of a speaking tour organized by a white supremacist and attempted to bring another prominent white supremacist, Jared Taylor, to the school.

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