MSU ELF Arson Suspect Cooperating with Police

The Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network (ELP)–an international “network of groups that support people who take action in defense of the Earth and its inhabitants”–is reporting that Frank Ambrose, one of the suspects arrested for the 1999 Earth Liberation Front (ELF) arsons at Michigan State University (MSU), may have agreed to have a conversation with another suspect taped:

“ELP is sad to report that we are receiving more information on the American police informant Frank Ambrose. Documents seen by ELP refer to an informant CS1 who is believed to be Ambrose. CS1 has suggested to the FBI that Marie Mason was involved with both ELF and ALF activities and CS1 allowed a telephone conversation between themself and Marie Mason, in February 2008, to be bugged.

Please note the date, CS1 was cooperating with the FBI in February 2008 before Ambrose and the others were arrested.

It is also being suggested that Ambrose may have named up to 15 people to the FBI as part of his cooperation agreement.

ELP will bring you more news on this as we get it.”

In late March, Ambrose plead guilty and agreed to provide information in the MSU case as well as other actions undertaken by the Earth Liberation Front.

Author: mediamouse

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