$7.2 Million Awarded to West Michigan Companies for Military Contracts

In March, $7,287,080 was awarded to companies in West Michigan in government contracts for military work. The work includes a variety of different components for aircraft as well as providing shoes for the military. The contracts were awarded to the following companies:

  • Wolverine Worldwide received a $7.1 million contract for leather dress shoes for the Navy.
  • Evans Tempcon received a $45,395 contract for a “parts kit” for the Defense Logistics Agency.
  • Woodward FST received a $42,000 contract for “engine accessories” from the Air Force.

GE Aviations Systems (formerly Smiths Aerospace) received a contract for $35,000 for a wiring board for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Of the companies received contracts, Wolverine Worldwide, GE Aviations Systems, and Woodward FST are the top contractors in West Michigan and have received over $100 million each in military contracts since the start of the “War on Terror.” Additionally, L-3 Communications the fourth highest ranking contractor, received a $20.8 million contract for work on the transmissions used in Bradley Fighting Vehicles. The work on that contract will be performed in Muskegon.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org