MSU Report on YAF, College Republican Discrimination Released

A report from the Michigan State University (MSU) Office for Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives on allegations that two registered student organizations–Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and the MSU College Republicans–violated the University’s Anti-Discrimination Policy is now available. The report examines allegations that the student organizations “engaged in a pattern of harassment and discrimination, before, after, and during three specific events on campus: (1) an April 2007 speech by Chris Simcox; (2) a November 2006 speech by Tom Tancredo, and a YAF sponsored event titled ‘Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day'” Additionally, the report investigated allegations that the organization’s faculty advisors were complicit and that the University’s police department engaged in “racial profiling” at the April 2007 speech by Chris Simcox.

The report found that the two organizations did not violate the University’s Anti-Discrimination Policy:

“…it is determined that the facts alleged by the complainants do not constitute harassment or discrimination in violation of the ADP. More specifically, the complaints that the two registered student organizations (YAF and College Republicans) engaged in a pattern of prohibited harassment and discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, political persuasion, gender identity and sexual orientation before, during, and after three events on campus is not supported by the evidence and the standards established and applicable case law and federal guidance used to analyze each of the claims brought by the complainants.”

Additionally, it determined that the University police did not discriminate against complainants at any of the events in question.

While the report determined that there were no violations of the University’s Anti-Discrimination Policy, it did say that the behavior of YAF and the College Republicans was “offensive, taunting, and very hurtful to the complainants.”

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