Several Midwest Radical Events Planned for this Spring and Summer

Over the next several months, an unprecedented number of events are happening in the Midwest region designed to facilitate stronger radical organizing. Here’s an early list of what is planned…

Over the next several months, there are an unprecedented number of gatherings, protests, and other radical events planned for the Midwest. Along with the Republican National Convention (RNC) protests scheduled for the Twin Cities, it will be a very busy spring and summer for radicals. Moreover, many of the events offer us an opportunity to network and build relationships that can exist far beyond the events of this summer. Since the details of these events are still being formalized, we encourage people to check the websites linked for more information on each event:

Radical Trans and Queer Anti-RNC Convergence: April 5-6, Chicago – According to Bash Back!, the group facilitating the convergence there will be workshops and strategizing for the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC) and Democratic National Convention (DNC) protests this summer. The group writes “we are anticipating that the Convergence will play an essential role in action planning and give us a solid grip on the presence Radical Queers and TransFolk will have at the Conventions this summer. By organizing against the conventions we hope to pave the way for a long lasting network of radical Transfolk, Queers and Anarcha-Feminists.”

Finding Our Roots Anarchist Conference: April 18-20, Chicago, Illinois – The second “Finding Our Roots” conference will focus on “Anarchist Organizing in the Midwest” as a follow-up to last year’s focus on theory.

I-69 Resistance: Ongoing, Indiana – With construction started on I-69, a controversial highway project in Indiana, there will be a series of ongoing actions aimed at impeding the construction of I-69.

pReNC 5.3: May 3, Twin Cities, Minnesota – The RNC Welcoming Committee is hosting a follow-up meeting to the “pReNC” held last August to continue planning for the RNC protests. “Organized groups that have established plans, affinity groups, and concrete ideas are particularly encouraged to send representatives.”

2008 Great Lakes Anarchist Gathering: June 6-8, Toledo, Ohio – “We’ll be building on the progress made over the last year and a half in bringing the Midwest/Great Lakes region anarchist communities together and strengthening the Midwest Action Network. It will also be a good chance to make solidify MAN’s plans for the upcoming RNC.” Details are being planned, visit the linked website for more information.

CrimethInc Convergence: July 16-20, Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The annual CrimethInc gathering will take place in Milwaukee and will offer anarchists and radicals a variety of opportunities for networking and skill-sharing. Reports from the 2006 and 2007 convergences offer more information on what to expect at the convergence.

People’s Networking Convention: August 15-17, Madison, Wisconsin – The People’s Networking Convention, or the PNC, will provide a space for discussion and debate of non-elections based organizing. The event aims to create an atmosphere of support and collaboration in our efforts against the government’s domination and the injustices that come with an exploitative economy. It will be an opportunity for face-to-face dialogue and discussion related to grassroots democracy in our communities. Speakers invited include Howard Zinn, Derrick Jensen, bell hooks, Starhawk, and Ward Churchill.

RNC Protests: September 1-4, Twin Cities: Massive protests are planned for the RNC, including an effort to shutdown the Convention on its opening day.

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