Huckabee Coming to Grand Rapids


Following appearances in Grand Rapids yesterday by Republicans John McCain and Mitt Romney, Republican candidate Mike Huckabee will be visiting Grand Rapids on Saturday. Huckabee will be speaking in downtown at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. The Republicans are taking Michigan’s January 15 primary seriously and are campaigning heavily across Michigan.

Huckabee, who had what many pundits considered a “surprise” victory in Iowa, has a taken a number of controversial positions on a variety of issues. Huckabee has campaigned aggressively to gain the support of the religious right, many of which have been noted by the blog Right Wing Watch. Not surprisingly, Huckabee’s efforts to appeal to the religious right have drawn considerable scrutiny, including past statements in which he said that the job of a woman is to graciously submit in marriage and that homosexuality is comprable to necrophilia. On immigration, Huckabee has drawn the support of the prominent anti-immigrant group the Minutemen.

Media Mouse will be covering his appearance on Saturday, we’ll let you know what he says.

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