Best of 2007

Here’s our list of the best stories that appeared on in 2007. If we missed any, let us know.

As we move into 2008, it seems appropriate to highlight some of the better stories that have appeared on over the past year. Most of the following stories were either never covered corporate media or discuss points that were ignored by the media in Grand Rapids and Michigan generally. As always, please consider donating to help us in 2008 — we’re able to do this work only because of contributions from folks like you.

That said, here’s a list of stories that we felt were particularly important to West Michigan residents over the past year, divided by topic:


Organized Racism:






The Right in West Michigan:

Did we miss anything that you liked over the past year? Suggestions for 2008? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an email.

Finally, we encourage all of readers to read the following essay by Michael Albert, it was incredibly moving when he read it at the 2007 Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) conference and we find that whenever we are feeling beaten down, disempowered, or apathetic, his essay is an excellent way of renewing our inspiration:

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